Inspiring a new generation

The featured image you see above is the creative endeavour of two eight-year-olds who created their own rendition of a painting I made last year, #16:

The two young artists (one of which is my niece) decided apparently upon seeing the painting (side note: I don’t own this one anymore) to create their own interpretation. Even going as far as to give it a name they thought of themselves (mine doesn’t have one)! Not only that, but in English as well, which is interesting considering they’re both Dutch kids.

In a way, and this is partly why I’m blogging about it, it’s incredibly humbling and I was honestly moved by their effort. When I first started drawing with what I’ll call actual effort, I purely created my own renditions of already existing art. It would be amazing if this could somehow kick-start a similar ‘transition.’

Never thought I’d ever blog about someone rendering their own version of something I made… It’s really humbling.