‘Wederlecht IV’ (Painting 32)

The final part of my Wederlecht series. This also marks my now second completed series of Kunsten der Besetenheyt (which is almost halfway done).

I’ve already begun sketching for the third series, but once summer arrived I’ve had to slow down my pace. The warmer the temperature, the slower my output is. It just doesn’t kickstart my creativity or desire to paint and am only working on the more cooler days, so it’ll be sometime before the next part is released.

Wederlecht IV also has a story worth mentioning, as it was a struggle.

It started with the sketch which was a pain to visualize, as was the case with all Wederlecht paintings if I’m entirely honest. The incantation for Wederlecht was of course chosen for a reason but it was quite difficult to transform the text in a way that makes sense. However, the music at that time gave me some much needed help.
I had recently received Keiser av en Dimensjon Ukjent and was in quite the Era 1 binge. So I felt a little tribute was in order and it took form in the shape present in the middle of the triangle. Which is based upon Bohus Fortress, the (most likely) same fortress used in Mortiis’ Reisene til grotter og ødemarker video from back in the day.

With that behind me, now I had issues finalising the painting, as I couldn’t figure out what kind of final touch was needed. Then at one point, in the train, listening to some Aborym, it suddenly hit me. I sketched something quick on a little notebook so I wouldn’t forget and finally…Wederlecht IV was a wrap.

How long until autumn…