‘Ziel’ (Painting 33)

This was a quite sudden and quick painting, from conceptualisation to sketch to execution and completion.

The idea of a self-portrait was stuck in my head for a while but it wasn’t until this morning that it finally came to me how to go about this. I started sketching immediately and usually I’ll just let it lie for a bit while I ponder where to take it next, but I just went for it. Completed the whole thing in one sitting, which hasn’t happened since the first two paintings I made (if memory serves me).
This same morning Ghost popped up on my radar via YouTube, and pretty much binged their music while I was wrapping this up. Not my usual tune to paint to, but it worked.

Also my first time painting on 640g cotton paper, which is nothing short of amazing. Got a few sheets left over and already brimming with ideas, but first, I still have some Kunsten paintings to finish…