‘Aanraking’ framed!

Believe it or not this framed painting – my only completed work of this year so far – has sat in storage for literally months. I just didn’t have the opportunity and space to hang it up…until now.

And there it is, my 45th painting, ‘Aanraking’, finally in its final form.

As you notice, the frame reflects the colours of the painting in a way that isn’t all that common, but I tried to make a conscious effort to find a harmony between the painting and its frame.
In my opinion, at this point in my life, I really feel a lot of frames are held back. Why not have the frame compliment the painting? Without any thoughts of furniture, wallpaper, paint on the walls, turning the frame from a horse into a camel.

The paintings I make are made first and foremost for myself, so why not go all the way?

The picture framer was kind of surprised, though dedicated to finding a solution and we spent some time finding the right fit for my concept. In the end, the particular turquoise part of the frame I was looking for wasn’t available from their supplier so they used a ‘regular’ light brown frame and painted in the colours I desired themselves – making it all the more unique in the process.

Here’s a picture of the counter when we looking at possible options:

Picking out frames. In the top right of the counter you can see the little (and crude) Photoshop example frame I had made. They nailed it.

I cannot stop looking at it. It’s simply an amazing, strange and fulfilling feeling looking upon your vision turned reality.