A Welcome to RighArt and A Farewell to Idelbalch

Welcome to this rebranded and face-lifted online portfolio of mine, formerly called IDELBALCH, currently called RighArt!

This is the tale of maturing and coming to a point that I might as well embrace the hobby, fully and utterly, because it makes the most sense at this point. As of last month I have officially passed the 3 year mark of painting with (at first mostly) watercolour and (nowadays mostly) gouache – working on my 50th painting as we speak. This was the moment.

Arbitrary milestones aside, this feels as the turning point in the short time I’ve been painting. Idelbalch came into being after months of fiddling around with watercolour in 2017, and had multiple iterations until I felt it was completed last year. I got older and felt comfortable to ditch the alias and simply go with it under my own name, as many artists do, though on my own terms. The kicker was when I realised there is literally ‘art’ in my last name, and then finding out there were literally .art domains one could register…what followed is what you see before you.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Painting number 50….