‘RighArt’ (Painting 49)

The official logo of www.righ.art, initially created on 640g cotton using my favourite medium, gouache, and later vectorised by a kind friend.

Technically speaking my second logo, though I have dabbled more often with this kind of lite calligraphy more often, and even the second time around it wasn’t easy. Incredibly rewarding, now it is finished, but from the initial sketch to the final product it’s a lot of frustration and inner conflict. Mostly concerning minor details that wouldn’t be noticeable unless I highlighted them, but the execution was smooth and shouldn’t complain. Relief is the word.

Looking back I suppose it would’ve made more sense to use a marker of some kind, but I like the fact that only gouache was used in combination with a brush. Gives the static nature of the end result the feeling that it still feels worthy to be called a painting. At least that is what it means to me.

When compared to the previous logo when this website was still called Idelbalch, there is an obvious similarity, but I suppose that is ‘my style’ now, and I am at peace with it.