‘Viraemia’ (Painting 50)

3 years. 50 paintings. A personal milestone. This morning marked the end of what I now regard as my first phase with this whole painting thing I’ve been keeping myself busy with since 2017. Starting with watercolour on mostly 300g A4 paper sheets, to making the shift to gouache on 640g cotton and ever larger sheets. Briefly dabbling in digital painting in 2019, but ultimately acknowledging that this physical medium is the way forward for me.

I suppose every milestone could be viewed as arbitrary in some respect, but today I feel a sense of reward and relief. I’m amazed that I’m even now writing this, as it all began as a hobby to kill time. Amazed, and invigorated. It will be interesting to see where the next 50 will take me, and reading this post again in due time with my then mindset.

As for the painting itself, I’m diverting from my usual naming scheme for once by not using a Dutch title, ‘Viraemia’. Contrary to what the word means in relation to the work, the name is more so meant as a metaphor rather than literal. If you scroll through my portfolio you’ll notice a theme of some kind, and the title is a nod to that theme. It’s a word that came across my radar a long time ago via music and it has always been an inspiration to me…to whatever degree a medical conditions could inspire one.

This 50th piece of watermedia is, in a way, an ode to my own work thus far. Combining all elements I love to work with. Gouache paint, cotton sheets, the deep blacks with contrasting colour, and of course the ‘eye’, which always returns every now and then. Let me end this post by putting them all side by side, and we can review my progression together: