The road ahead

A new art piece update will be published later, first to drone on about some other topics in the new year.

My previous post was in August of last year. Reading it back was an interesting experience. The drained feeling I mentioned back then didn’t really dissipate soon after publishing it, and my soul search went on for many months.
I had started with a successor to Inkthart, in similar style and with similar tools, but halfway through I lost interest. It did not provide the creative sustenance I was looking for in these lockdown times.

After spending some time focussing on other past-times, such as my pianoforte, I decided that Righ.Art/ needed a change, as much as my painting plans needed a change. Even though the work stands on its own, the two are somewhat inherently connected. I cannot change one and ignore the other.

The first and foremost change was reducing the look and feel to a(n even) more minimal aesthetic. Having a personal and custom theme always felt quite rewarding, but I like how easy the current theme is on the eyes (not to mention how much faster it is). In the end, less is more.

Another not-so-big-of-a-change was to remove the landing page, and make the blog the homepage – bringing all my website endeavours back full circle to when I first starting blogging in 2011…hard to believe that’s now 10 years ago.
The portfolio overview is more or less same, and all of my works are still available in a single overview.
A new page is now present as well, called ‘Series’, highlighting (you guessed it) some of the painting series I’ve completed. Something I loved to do and aim to jump back into soon.

I’ve also removed some major aspects from the website… I am referring to the vinyl record and Magic the Gathering related posts. They are no longer present. I know how lame it is to remove posts, and some would argue is completely unnecessary, but I have these odd tendencies that I just have to do.
Their presence annoyed me and I wanted to start fresh. Less routine this time, and hopefully more interesting. I expect these subjects will return to the blog in the near future, and in a way that will feel more like…I.

Lastly, as Righ.Art/ has been offline for more than a week now I am going to set it live even though it isn’t 100% ready yet, and work on some older posts that are now displaying bugs because of the maintenance whilst it is live.

Let’s see how interesting this post will be to read back in January 2022.

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