‘Dark 1.2’

The groove, I’m finding it.

My second attempt with testing these new waters. I’m still (slowly) trying to familiarise myself with the basics – such as landscapes – though this time I felt comfortable enough to sprinkle in something that doesn’t necessarily make sense, but that’s the point. I do not want it to make sense, I want to you show both you (and myself) something new.

As for its name, it’s not a revision number. I wanted to try and think of something clever and meaningful, though the title might suggest otherwise.
In a way, even though every object in this render differs from the previous one, there are similarities. I suppose in an abstract sense it almost feels as a version two, in a ‘cousin’ sort of way. Though literally calling it version two is a bit stale…so I opted to simply name it after the song I was listening to at the time when the lighting idea came to me: ‘Dark 1.2′, from Swiss band Darkspace’s first full-length.