‘Futuro Triste’

From barely any published works in 2020, to now three finalised works in March this year alone. 2021 already feels like a creative comeback.

The third work of this new avenue I’m treading is incredibly straight forward. There’s no getting around it, this…resembles a planet. There are countless fictional spheres out there and this one likely won’t stick out of the crowd, but it is mine, and I felt this is a valid ‘rite of passage’ kind of creation. I had a soothing and satisfying feeling afterwards.

This is also my first work with an Italian title, and don’t let the simple nature of ‘only’ two words fool you – making sure the artistic meaning behind these words was correct took the effort of multiple individuals including two native speakers (excluding myself obviously, though I am actually learning the language). Trying to combine my Italian efforts with an artistic hobby made sense.

The title also refers to the colour palette that I used for this creation. It’s not easy to try and invoke any level of emotion into a what is essentially a photograph of a sphere, but I felt the ebon rock and snowy ridges could give the impression of a desolate place that either possessed life and lost it, or had none to begin with. To me, that has an emotional quality to it.