‘Attila IV’

It’s finally time.

I uploaded this work to my portfolio days ago, but after finishing the fourth of this sphere-focused series, and ready to publish a quick few words to accompany it…there was no story to tell. I stared at my screen for a while before realising there wasn’t one, because there isn’t one.

Though learning 3D software and playing with it has been enjoyable up to this point, it hit me that ’that’ was all there is, the practical aspect.

I suppose I could, for the sake of writing, detail a technical story of how I created certain effects, or how I solved some kind of problem, but that feels as if I’m transcribing a YouTube tutorial. There’s no emotion attached to it, after finishing each render I had the same feeling as putting some furniture together. The feeling is good, perhaps even great, but, it doesn’t move me emotionally.

As the story was (or, is) absent, my interest in this whole thing kind of went along with it. Though I told myself there are going to be five Attila works, and five there will be.

I haven’t figured it all out yet, but the final part is going to be a love letter to the series, albeit realised completely differently.