I’m trying to remember when the first version of this illustration was made, but likely 2019. I more or less purged most of my (digital) works that year from the website, but the originals were never deleted. So after I felt I was done with 3D modelling, maybe it was a good idea to revisit some of them – before continuing with the last Attila. After about a week of polishing I decided to re-release this one, ‘Quaet’.

Of all the ‘purged works’ of 2019, this one took an insane amount of hours to finish, and I was never really satisfied with it, but at the same time I was also conflicted at not having it on display on Righ.Art/ (or Idelbalch, as the website was called at the time). I made some minor changes, but substantial enough that this revisited version feels more in line with what I wanted it to be, from the start.

Fun fact, the original version of Quaet actually laid the groundwork for the physical painting I did last year called ‘Viraemia’:

#50 – Viraemia