The next chapter for Righ.Art/

Welcome back.

Righ.Art/ has been unavailable for a couple of months to realise a metamorphosis. Namely, the website is available in both Dutch and English as of today – and for good reason.

2021 was (is) a fruitful year, from playing around with 3D software to the reimagining of older works and breathing new life in them, like my sixtieth work (‘Quaet’), but after Quaet it was instinctively clear that I needed something else after all the fun.
I will never completely stop painting (digitally), or wanting to make 2D art in any way, but a new chapter was required – and that next chapter is the merging of my interest in art and in language.

I had always thought of Righ.Art/ as a kind of online showcase for everything I make, but it feels like a reasonable step to expand this concept from only the English language to also the Dutch language (my native tongue, although I had a bilingual start with English).

From this moment on, all writings will be available in two languages (including all pages), and without automatic translation. Everything will be processed by hand. I want language, like art, to become part of Righ.Art/’s vision. My goal, therefore, is to keep the two languages as separate as possible (including avoiding loanwords, though I fear that this will only remain a pursuit, rather than a destination ever to be reached). In due course, I would like to see the English side of Righ.Art/ incorporate more ‘Anglish’ expressions (i.e. English with fewer loanwords), but I am focusing on the Dutch side for now, and hope to expand to other extraordinary languages, such as Finnish, in the near future.

Een Lijst ter Bezieling

After talking to people close to me, it soon became clear that I couldn’t just start using outdated, unfamiliar (or even invented) expressions without (in all likelihood) losing readers to fatigue – and they have a point, although I can’t accommodate everyone… What is a natural Dutch word for me may seem unfamiliar to someone else, like the word ‘wellicht’ (meaning ‘perhaps’).

My solution to this became a page called ‘Een Lijst ter Bezieling‘ (A List to Inspire), an own Dutch word list inspired by websites like and

Not to copy or imitate their work and effort, but my list is not only a tool for myself and my readers, but also a way of doing my part in what I see as the preservation of beautiful Dutch. My view is that if the more places these kinds of lists are available, the better it is for the survival of old/gorgeous Dutch words.

I haven’t decided on the design of both the list and its findability – I need to play with that a bit more. It’s also not entirely the intention that the list should become Righ.Art/’s core feature, so it will exist more in the ‘background’ at all times, as it were.