Two new works: ‘Thuus’ and ‘Orspronc’

The concept existed prior to the two works of art, but as is often the case, one amplifies the other.

When the idea arose of translating Righ.Art/ into Dutch, I did not have many wishes from a design point of view. In fact, the idea was to have two separate websites. One dedicated to the Dutch language, the other to the English language. This would also be convenient, because then there are URLs like ‘’ and ‘’, but as I was working on the preparations I became bored with it. Thus deciding to try and see whether it was possible to achieve this on one URL.

…and then we will do it right.

Two new works would follow, one to function as a logo for the Dutch side of Righ.Art/, the other for the English side.



‘Thuus’ is a Middle Dutch predecessor of the word thuis (‘home’), and the work represents a kind of silhouette of the Netherlands. The three colours are identical to those of the Dutch flag. There is little else to say. It had to be the recognisable Netherlands, and with my own twist added to it.



‘Orspronc’ is a Middle Dutch predecessor of the word oorsprong (‘origin’), and the work represents a kind of silhouette of New Zealand.

Whereas the Netherlands as logo for Dutch side of the website felt logical, the English side was a little bit trickier. There is not really a single country for the English language. Most people would probably choose the United Kingdom, which is also visible on many websites where an English-language option is available, and I have nothing against that. However, for me it did not feel right. As my mother pointed out when I was working on this, the English roots of my family come from an island far away from here, not one on the other side of the pond.

As such I decided on New Zealand, with the colours of the New Zealand flag.