The story behind Righ.Art/.

Welcome to Righ.Art/, the online portfolio of watercolour, gouache and mixed media paintings created by Dutch painting enthusiast C.J. Righart.

What initially begun as a casual pastime in 2017 would result three years later in the website shown before you today. In essence little has changed since then, it is still an intermittent hobby, but who knows what the future might bring.



Self-portrait from 2018


Can I follow you on social media?

No, I have currently no social media accounts. I only post on this website.

Why is there no annoying GDPR/cookie message or pop-up?

All statistical data gathered on www.righ.art is anonimised by the site’s hoster and I honestly only use it to gauge if the website gets visited at all, really. 

Why is the entire website in English, aren't you Dutch?

I’m from an English household, and considering how many Dutch speakers there are around the world, it made more sense to write in English.