The story behind Righ.Art/.

What initially began as a complementary hobby to my — in 2017 — new-found painting pastime under the (ancient Dutch) moniker ‘Idelbalch’ three years later, in 2020, morphed into the website you are visiting today. An online portfolio of my work and a blog written by me — a Dutch local called C.J. Righart.

The bulk of the content that you’ll find here consists of posts regarding my creations and their background stories, with the occasional non-personal-work-related post. The purpose of Right.Art/ will always remain an easy to navigate online portfolio of all that I create.

Image on the right: Self-portrait at age 28, created in 2018.


‘Can I follow you on social media?’Unfortunately not. I have had social media accounts in the past, but at the moment I only post/share on righ.art.
‘Can I follow you anywhere else?’Nope, only here.
‘Why is there no GDPR/cookie pop-up when I visit here?’All statistical data gathered on righ.art is anonymised by the site’s hoster and I have no trackers installed.
‘Do you also write in Dutch, or only English?’Maybe some day. Considering how many Dutch speakers there are around the world versus English ones, it made more sense to write everything in English.
‘Do you sell your work?’Only incidentally and informally. Perhaps, should there be an interest in the future I’ll consider opening an online shop of some kind.