‘St3f’ (Painting 51)

I’ve had this idea for years. An idea that has become reality. Painting number 51. A (transformed) portrait of Australian model Stefania Ferrario. I’m not being entirely truthful with my opening there. I did try something similar to this, with a digital painting, last year. When I abandoned my experiment with digital media, I removed… Continue reading ‘St3f’ (Painting 51)

A Welcome to RighArt and A Farewell to Idelbalch

Welcome to this rebranded and face-lifted online portfolio of mine, formerly called IDELBALCH, currently called RighArt! This is the tale of maturing and coming to a point that I might as well embrace the hobby, fully and utterly, because it makes the most sense at this point. As of last month I have officially passed… Continue reading A Welcome to RighArt and A Farewell to Idelbalch

‘RighArt’ (Painting 49)

The official logo of www.righ.art, initially created on 640g cotton using my favourite medium, gouache, and later vectorised by a kind friend. Technically speaking my second logo, though I have dabbled more often with this kind of lite calligraphy more often, and even the second time around it wasn’t easy. Incredibly rewarding, now it is… Continue reading ‘RighArt’ (Painting 49)