From Collage, to Painting, to Frame

What started with an unusual but fun conversation, that led to a collage, and then an improvised painting, has now met its concluding phase…said painting sitting comfortably in a clean white frame on the wall of its rightful owner (framed even by said owner!). I remain amazed (in the most positive sense of the word)… Continue reading From Collage, to Painting, to Frame

‘De Grijper der Vlaggen’ (Painting 48)

The grand reveal has been done, thus the grand reveal on my website can now commence as well, but first…a bit of backstory. This friend of mine, a former colleague, is building a new house which is nearing completion. In the early stages of the construction we had one night decided to get together and… Continue reading ‘De Grijper der Vlaggen’ (Painting 48)

‘?? ??????? ??? ???????’ (Painting 48..more or less)

New painting finished! 31 x 41 cm. Gouache on 640g cotton. The regular shmegular. However…I cannot share anything….yet. This new painting was made for a friend who is building his own house to grace said house’s newly built walls. The problem is…he hasn’t seen it yet and I don’t want this thing accidentally shown to… Continue reading ‘?? ??????? ??? ???????’ (Painting 48..more or less)

A thoughtful collage

My 2020 has started off with a thoughtful touch. A friend of mine, for whom I made the painting ‘Bloeme‘, was (during the same time) also working on something of her own.Her expression of choice was collage, and this one in particular came into being after a conversation we had regarding papilla mammaria of the… Continue reading A thoughtful collage