The story behind Righ.Art/.

What initially began as a complementary hobby to my – in 2017 – new-found painting pastime under the Middle Dutch moniker ‘Idelbalch’, would later grow into the website you are visiting today. An online portfolio of my work with writings by myself – a raised Dutchman with New Zealand roots named C.J. Righart (1990).

Most of the content you will find here consists of writings about my creations and their background stories. The goal of Right.Art/ is (and will be) an easy to navigate showcase of everything I make.

In August 2021, a new chapter began for the website, when I decided to write it in my native tongue, Dutch, in addition to English. All content, including pages and other writings, are fully bilingual and handwritten.

What started out as a passionate and focused design on 2D art has now become a compilation of art from a broader point of view, where tongue and picture come together to form a whole new expression.

Image on the right: Self-portrait at age 28, created in 2018.