Frequent Asks

‘Can I follow you on Social Media?’Unfortunately not. I used to have user accounts with social media networks like Instagram and Twitter, but these have been closed or deleted by now.
‘Can I follow you anywhere else?’Currently this is the only place on the web where I am active.
‘Why is there no annoying GDPR/cookie warning when I visit’All statistics on Righ.Art/ are preemptively anonymised by the company that hosts this website. On top of that, I also do not have any trackers installed, such as Google Analytics.
‘Do you sell your own work?’It has occurred, but there are no current plans.
‘Are there any plans to add more languages to Righ.Art/ apart from Dutch and English?’I hope to able to add Finnish in the nearby future, and more playful alternatives such as Middle Dutch and Old English. For the time being will the news section of the website be written in present-day Dutch and English.