Some of my works are deliberately created as a series, and this page highlights them all (including background information). To view my entire portfolio, please click here.


Created: August – September 2018

A tribute to my favourite card game, Magic: the Gathering. Each painting represents a type of ‘mana’ used in the game – a resource needed to play cards. Each mana has its own flavour and theme, which I wanted to reflect in the paintings. Each work is made with gouache paint on 640 gram cotton sheets:

  1. Kennesse (Island mana, translation: Knowledge)
  2. Raserye (Mountain mana, translation: Rage)
  3. Léuon (Forest mana, translation: Life)
  4. Wainhope (Swamp mana, translation: Despair)
  5. Lieht (Plains mana, translation: Light)
  6. Ledigte (Colourless mana, translation: Emptiness)
  7. Negenen Hellen (Phyrexian mana, translation: Nine Hells)


Created: April – May 2018

Wederlecht (translation: Lightning) is a similar series to Plichtpleeghing, which came before it, using a different invocation from the same show. Again, as with Plichtpleeging, I cannot vouch for the Japanese translation.

Bones of beasts scattered far and wide.
Steeple crimson crystal. Steel wheels.
Wind in action and sky at rest.
The sound of flying arrows hill the hollow castle!


Created: March 2018

After a nostalgia binge rewatch of Bleach, a Japanese animated series I enjoyed immensely during my teens, I felt inspired by some of the invocations and wanted to see if I could transform them to painting form. Plichtpleeghing was my first attempt. Take the English translation with a grain of salt, my Japanese wasn’t (and still isn’t) at a level I could competently translate the poetic nuance of the original.

In my right hand, the stone that connects the worlds.
In my left hand, the blade that binds existence.
The black-haired shepherd. The chair of the noose.
Where the clouds gather, I strike the abyss!


Created: February 2018

First attempt at doing a series of smaller paintings (all four of them are A4). Created in a period that I was starved for inspiration. To combat it, I gave myself a challenge (hence the lack of a name). Can you spot all the hints that point to their order?