‘Attila II’

Two down, three to go. After some pondering, I’ve settled on five variations in total of this concept I’d like to realise before wrapping it up – this completed work being the second of this thus far unnamed series. I also felt that after five works with landscape ratios, it would be a nice challenge… Continue reading ‘Attila II’

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‘Attila I’

Second month, fourth new work. The sense of relief and satisfaction after every publication remains, and though I’m still a newbie, I think it was time I dreamt a little bit bigger, so let’s do another series – hence the I (or, 1) in the title. I’m not sure how large the series will become… Continue reading ‘Attila I’

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‘Futuro Triste’

From barely any published works in 2020, to now three finalised works in March this year alone. 2021 already feels like a creative comeback. The third work of this new avenue I’m treading is incredibly straight forward. There’s no getting around it, this…resembles a planet. There are countless fictional spheres out there and this one… Continue reading ‘Futuro Triste’

‘Dark 1.2’

The groove, I’m finding it. My second attempt with testing these new waters. I’m still (slowly) trying to familiarise myself with the basics – such as landscapes – though this time I felt comfortable enough to sprinkle in something that doesn’t necessarily make sense, but that’s the point. I do not want it to make… Continue reading ‘Dark 1.2’


A new work. A different kind of work. Most of all, an unexpected work. Rewind to 2020. I had a new idea for a large physical piece, mixed media on cotton. Poured countless hours into it, but I wasn’t satisfied. Constantly changing it until I ceased work on it altogether. Call it a creative burn… Continue reading ‘Bliss’